The Business of Finding Addiction Treatment

If you are a fan of celebrity news nearly every day you will hear about one of the rich and famous checking themselves into rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. For some celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Aerosmith Steven Tyler and guitar player Richie Sambora these visits to addiction treatment can be frequent and cost ungodly amounts of money. Some drug rehabs can cost up $100,000 a month. While their efforts to get sober should be commended one can’t help but think what an individual who does not have their financial means to go to treatment more than once.

For the regular civilian that does not make the amount of money that a professional athlete or entertainer makes it is essential that when seeking out addiction treatment they find a facility that offers excellent quality of care and counseling. In a sense they need to find a treatment center that offers great “bang for the buck”. Many of the higher priced treatment centers may not be worth the cost. Instead the money may be buying views of the beach and cushy living arrangements.

Keep in mind the purpose of going to addiction treatment is to get sober and learn how to stay sober. It is not meant to be a vacation. When looking for addiction treatment some things to keep in mind are: the cost of the facility, the length of stay, is the facility Joint Commission Accredited, is the facility licensed by the state it is in, does the facility except insurance, does it offer a family program, can it treat dual diagnosis, and does it have a detox facility on site. With the right addiction treatment center to suit your needs and wants it is possible to get and stay sober after just one stint in treatment making it a very worthwhile investment that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.