The Misconception On Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs such as Vicodin and OxyContin are considered synthetic heroin. Such prescription drugs trigger the same response from an individual’s brain as heroin. In short this means that prescribed medications are capable of being just as addictive as illegal drugs like heroin. Many feel that when a doctor prescribes them prescription drugs it justifies them having the right to get high because a doctor says that the medication is needed. For many taking prescription drugs can open the door to addiction. Once addiction starts to set in an individual will go through great lengths to get their hands on drugs whether that means trying to gain prescriptions from a number of different doctors or taking to the streets to obtain their drugs illegally.

Because some prescription medication is very similar to heroin it is not uncommon for someone’s addiction to start with prescription drugs and then progress to heroin. Both are psychologically and physiologically addicting and can result in severe withdrawals if the addicted does not have the drug in their system.

There is a misconception that just because a particular medication is prescribed by a physician that it is not harmful and not addictive. Today the numbers of individuals who go to addiction treatment to get help for their addiction to prescription medication is increasing at an alarming rate. Pharmaceutical drugs are quickly becoming the drug of choice and in many parts of the country the number of accidental overdoses from pharmaceuticals outweighs those of cocaine, heroin and crystal meth combined.

If you or a loved one is struggling with the disease of addiction help is available. The professional help that an individual receives at a quality addiction treatment center can help build the strong foundation that is necessary in order to gain long-term sobriety.